Kindergarten (4 to 5 years old)

Our kindergarten classes are designed to maximize learning opportunities in core academic skills as children engage in multifaceted, interactive tasks organized around a weekly thematic schedule. In language arts for example, children will build their vocabularies and storytelling skills through picture books, and are exposed to phonetic tasks (Jolly Phonics) and letter manipulation games. They also learn purposeful language in order to express and share their ideas. Math tasks include counting by one-to-one correspondence, sequential ordering, looking for visual patterns, sorting and categorizing items and simple computation which helps build a solid foundation for the next level. Children also take part in interactive science experiments that encourage them to explore and extend their natural curiosity about the world in terms earth and space, and physical and life concepts. In addition, library, music, physical education, and technology are important areas that will form children’s daily curriculum. Instruction includes differentiated strategies, cooperative learning, scaffolding, and tasks involving higher order thinking skills. Children will also have opportunities to learn through projects that are also incorporated into daily activities.


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